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Comprehensive Plumbing Leak Detection Services For San Angelo Residents

Your plumbing systems are crucial for maintaining a safe space you and your family can thrive in. Your pipes in particular play a major role — keeping water and gas flowing in and out of your property without damage.

However, when problems form in these pipes, the leaks that form can have serious consequences for the well-being of those within your home. If you suspect a leak is present, turn to our team at Lone Star Contracting! Our leak detection services can help you find the problem and address it with ease!

Water Leak Detection In San Angelo, TX

Much of your plumbing system is designed to transport water — whether that be delivering it to your faucets or taking it away from your property after it runs down your drains. In a perfect world, your plumbing systems will always run efficiently.

However, the reality is that flaws and damage can occur within your plumbing, which can cause some water to get lost along the way. These leaks can contribute to serious problems for your home and health — which is why it’s best to address them as quickly as possible.

a roof in a bathroom bubbling up due to a leak in the ceiling

At Lone Star Contracting, we’re proud to be a water leak detection company you can count on. Join us as we explore different types of water leaks that your home may face.

Pipe Leaks

Your pipes are usually installed in your walls or below ground. While you may not see them for this reason, they play a vital role in maintaining effective plumbing. Unfortunately, they’re not immune to damage.

Your water lines can wear down and develop problems, and when they do, a quick response is crucial!

That’s where our team steps in to help — you can count on us to identify where the leak is coming from and provide dependable services to repair the issue.

Slab Leaks

A slab leak also deals with the integrity of your home’s water pipes. However, they present unique challenges to your home’s slab foundation.

When the pipes below your foundation break and water begins to flow, these leaks threaten the integrity of your home. Not only can they cause floors to crack, but foundation shifting may also occur. To prevent these issues from developing, address these leaks right away with help from our team!

Equipment Leaks

Just as your pipes can form leaks, so can your fixtures and appliances. If you have a faucet that won’t stop dripping or you notice pooling water near your toilet or water heater, these signs mean that there’s a problem that requires attention!

Our experts will be able to examine your plumbing system to identify the source of trouble. Once we’ve uncovered the cause, we’ll be able to guide you to a solution — restoring your plumbing system to normal!

What Are The Dangers Of Water Leaks?

When a leak is present, the best thing you can do is act quickly! Water leaks can have serious consequences if not taken seriously, some of which are outlined below:

  • Fall hazards — Pooling water can create slippery conditions that could lead to someone falling and getting hurt.
  • Mold growth — When water accumulates, mold spores may start to grow and spread, leading to decreased indoor air quality.
  • Structural damage — Pipe leaks inside of walls or underneath slab foundations can negatively impact the state of your walls, floors, ceilings and foundation.
  • Increased costs — Homeowners pay for water usage in their monthly bills, and leaks cause these costs to rise, requiring you to pay for water you aren’t directly using.
  • Pest attraction — From a wide range of insects to rodents and more, pests that are attracted to moist conditions may be drawn to your home when a leak is present.

At Lone Star Contracting, we perform leak detection services that San Angelo homeowners can trust. If you suspect a leak within your home, it’s time to act fast! Give us a call to schedule your plumbing service.

The Importance Of Gas Leak Detection

Gas leaks are incredibly dangerous, and they require quick action to keep your home protected. That’s why our team wants you to understand what signs indicate a gas leak may be present.

Below are some of the clues that indicate a leak is present:

  • The presence of a rotten egg smell
  • Dying landscaping in your yard
  • Unusual hissing noises near your gas lines

It’s important to note that gas leaks can be hazardous — and even deadly — for those living with them. Below are some physical symptoms that could indicate a leak is present:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Chest pain
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty breathing

It’s vital to address any concerns right away. If you notice a gas leak, you should call emergency services or your local gas company immediately. At Lone Star Contracting, we’re happy to help your home stay safe by assessing the situation through our leak detection services.

Work With Our Team In San Angelo, TX

Since 2004, our team has served San Angelo homes and nearby communities with expert plumbing services. We understand the problems that leaks can present to homeowners and we’re committed to helping you avoid these consequences!

Through leak detection services, we use our extensive industry knowledge to examine your home’s plumbing. We know how to safely and efficiently find the source of trouble — allowing us to move on to the next steps! Then, through our repair services, you can count on us to offer trustworthy solutions and honest advice.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to our team! We’re always happy to help our neighbors enhance the safety of their homes and the dependability of their plumbing systems.

Choose Lone Star Contracting To Be Your Leak Detection Company

Whether it’s slab leak detection or gas line inspections you need, our team is here to provide high-quality results through every service we provide! Don’t let leaks linger. Instead, reach out to Lone Star Contracting to schedule your leak detection services!

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