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RO Water Filtration

Trusted San Angelo Reverse Osmosis Systems

You may have learned about reverse osmosis (RO) in high school, but do you know what its capabilities can do when applied to your water supply? Lone Star Contracting offers an efficient line of Kinetico RO filter systems, enhancing water quality in local homes and businesses. Our trusted technicians are here to help you maximize your drinking water for daily use.

Our local water experts have proudly serviced San Angelo and surrounding areas since 2004. We specialize in filtration solutions, but reverse osmosis stands out as one of the most effective methods available. We’re here to share more about these systems so you can help your water quality achieve its highest form of potential.

kinetico RO system under a sink

What Is An RO Filter System?

Unlock the power of reverse osmosis (RO) filtration – a cutting-edge system that utilizes a semipermeable membrane to meticulously cleanse drinking water. In this advanced process, water undergoes thorough pre-filtration to capture large pollutants before being pressurized through the membrane.

Here, even the tiniest contaminants are effectively trapped, ensuring unparalleled water purity. Following this, post-filtration stages provide an added layer of purification, delivering water of exceptional quality.

Renowned for its efficiency, RO systems are hailed as one of the most effective filtration methods available. As an authorized Kinetico dealer, Lone Star Contracting proudly offers a range of multi-stage filtration systems, guaranteeing you the purest water imaginable.

San Angelo Water Quality Concerns

San Angelo lies in an arid region where water quality is of paramount importance. The area’s oil and gas industries, including active oil fields, can potentially introduce contaminants into the local water supply. Naturally occurring minerals and heavy metals are also common in the region’s groundwater sources.

With San Angelo’s semi-arid climate and reliance on groundwater for residential and commercial use, reverse osmosis systems offer a valuable solution for removing impurities consistently. By implementing a whole-home RO filtration system, San Angelo residents and businesses can safeguard against contaminants linked to industrial activities and natural mineral content, ensuring their water remains fresh, pure and suitable for all daily needs.

What Can Reverse Osmosis Water Systems Remove?

RO filtration is powerful, removing almost all impurities from the water that flows through the system. This technology is known for its efficiency and dependable operation. A few common contaminants that these systems can reduce include:

  • Chloride
  • Sodium
  • Copper and other metals
  • Chromium
  • Lead

Explore the versatility of Kinetico technology with our array of specialized filter cartridges designed to complement our systems seamlessly. Elevate your water purification experience with these innovative products, each offering an added layer of defense against specific particulates.

From combating arsenic and VOCs to tackling bacteria, our cartridges are tailored to target and eliminate a wide range of contaminants, ensuring your water is pristine and safe for consumption.

Benefits Of A Whole House RO System In San Angelo, TX

In addition to removing impurities, reverse osmosis filter systems offer extra advantages to your home. These systems are efficient in many ways, causing them to be highly desirable among homeowners and businesses throughout San Angelo. We’re here to share some of these benefits, helping you determine if this technology is the best solution for your space.

Removes Unpleasant Water Tastes And Odors

If you’ve ever taken a sip straight from the tap in West Texas, you may be familiar with the strange taste of city water. Luckily, investing in an RO system can reduce poor tastes and odors, providing you with water that tastes and smells better.

Higher quality water grants you a pleasant hydration experience. It can also help meals taste better when water is necessary for cooking. Invest in one of these systems and experience the delightful smell and taste of the purest water around.

Operates With Cost Efficiency

RO water filtration is a cost-effective form of water purification. Kinetico systems waste less, preventing high water costs on your utility bills. Additionally, this technology reduces the need to purchase plastic bottles, which can be more expensive to purchase depending on your water intake.

Provides Peace Of Mind

Imagine savoring water free from contaminants, meeting the highest standards of purity. That feeling of assurance knowing your drinking water is pristine! With our systems, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with every sip — clean, refreshing and ready for consumption.

Experience The Kinetico Advantage With Lone Star Contracting

When the time comes to enhance your water quality, turn to Lone Star Contracting for assistance! We’re proud providers of Kinetico water filtration systems, known for their durability and lasting results.

If you have questions about reverse osmosis water filtration, reach out to our team today! We’re ready to assist you and enhance your drinking water supply.

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